SLAIS Looking for Student “Models”

Hi all, The iSchool is in the midst of transitioning to a new website with support from the UBC Faculty of Arts. As part of the project, the Faculty of Arts has provided us with a professional photographer to take some pictures around our space throughout the latter part of August. We are looking for […]

New 1-Credit course in Term 1 (September – December) [MLIS, Dual Students]

LIBR 539I: Business Online Research is a hands-on course in learning online research techniques. Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Thomson ONE are few of the examples of sources covered in this course. Common business terminologies will be covered. Although geared towards business research, the techniques are relevant to non-business applications. The course would be useful for students […]

Experiential Learning Postings [MAS, MLIS, Dual Students]

Hi all, I just want to remind everyone of some exciting placement opportunities that have recently been posted to the iSchool blog. Get experience while earning academic credit! Here’s are some current exciting postings: UBC Learning Exchange: Community engagement and collection development/curation in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Vancouver Sun: Conduct research and create a digital […]

New listserv for Research Data Management in Canada – CANLIB-DATA

From Eugene Barsky, UBC Research Data Librarian & iSchool Adjunct Professor: As we anticipate significant changes in funders’ requirements towards research data in Canada this year, we have created a new listserv with a purpose of serving as an electronic discussion list addressing issues related to research data in libraries, specifically in Canada. We called […]

Dual Degree Transfer Deadline for MLIS Students Who Began in January 2014 [MLIS]

To all MLIS students who began their degree in January 2014, the deadline to apply to transfer into the Dual degree is June 2, 2014. If you have interest in transferring into the Dual program and want more information on the process, please contact me (Dan Slessor, Student Services Coordinator), at your earliest convenience. This […]

Student Librarian Positions at Public Library Systems [MLIS, Dual Students]

Students in the MLIS and Dual programs should be aware that the summer months are when public library systems hire summer students as well as student librarians for the 2014-15 academic year. A summer position with Surrey Libraries will be posted tomorrow and we expect student positions with additional public library systems to trickle in […]

August Practicum Deadline – Monday, May 12

LIBR 595 – Practicum (0 credits) [MLIS, Dual Students] Students interested in applying for a Practicum this upcoming August (17th – 29th) must send an application to Dan Slessor by Monday, May 12. The Practicum is an optional two-week (full-time placement) usually completed at the end of your second term. It cannot be done at […]

Professional Experience Postings – Summer 2014 [MAS, MLIS, Dual Students]

A reminder that several Professional Experience postings are currently available to students in the MAS, MLIS and Dual programs. These placements could be a good way to gain experience over the Summer. Current ARST 596 postings include: SFU Special Collections and Rare Books Bowmer-Shoebotham Museum of Military Medicine Vancouver School Board And more. Current LIBR […]

UPDATED INFO: NOVEMBER GRADS WELCOME – Meet the Grads – Friday, April 4, 2014

Hi all, I have received some questions from students who are completing coursework over the Summer but technically not graduating until November about whether they are able to attend the Meet the Grads event on April 4. I have asked the SLAIS Alumni Executive Committee (hosting the event) and they have said that students graduating […]

Student Positions with UBC Archives, Xwi7xwa Library, MOA, Digital Initiatives

A second wave of student employment postings have been forwarded to the office this past week. Notably, postings with Digital Initiatives / Digitzation Centre, UBC Archives, Xwi7xwa Library, and the Audrey and Harry Hawthorne Library and Archives (Museum of Anthropology) have upcoming deadlines. You can access all of the postings we have received recently at […]

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