External Courses for SLAIS Students [MAS, MLIS, Dual]

As the school year is underway and you are solidifying your course schedules, please take note of the procedures for taking courses external from SLAIS.

Students in the MAS and MLIS programs can take up to 12 credits outside of the program. Students in the Dual program can take up to 9 credits outside of the MLIS and MAS programs.

To take any course outside your program (including SLAIS courses that are not in your specific program), begin by getting the instructor’s permission. Then fill out the “Application for Credit for External Courses” form available at http://www.slais.ubc.ca/resources/slais.htm. If the course is outside of SLAIS, include the syllabus and a statement from you explaining why it will benefit your program of study. Send the application and supporting documents to the Program Assistant (slais.program@ubc.ca), who will give it to the Graduate Advisor for review and approval.

Courses can be taken from other programs at UBC. For instance, the following Winter Term 2 course was forwarded to the SLAIS office from the English department and may be of interest to some SLAIS students:

The Rhetoric of Pharmaceutical Marketing, 1870 – 2013

ENGL 489

Majors Seminar

Professor Judy Segal

Please see full course description: 2013 – ECO 489 (AUGUST) (2)


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